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Population mobility and urban wastewater dynamics.

Abstract Dynamic influent models, which have been proposed to test control strategies using virtual wastewater treatment plants, should be as realistic as possible. The number of inhabitants in the catchment at any given time and their ways of life are among the parameters affecting the quality of these models. Census data related to work and…
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A review of cashew (Anacardium occidentale L.) apple: Effects of processing techniques, properties and quality of juice

Abstract A review including the processing techniques, properties and uses of cashew apple juice is reported. Cashew apple has multi-purpose; it can be processed to obtain human food. The process of cashew apple into several by-products can affect its nutritional, microbiological, and sensorial quality attributes. Therefore, clarification methods, thermal treatment and high hydrostatic pressure modify…
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Plant latex lipase as biocatalysts for biodiesel production

Abstract Industrial-scale processes currently developed make use of chemical catalysis processes that are highly efficient but require very complex product purification steps. Enzymatic catalysis through plant lipases as biocatalysts is an alternative which, in contrast to chemical catalysis processes, appeared simple to perform, and can be done at low investment cost. Although microbial lipases have…
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